Artist Interview: Juilliard Quartet

Shortly after welcoming violinist Joseph Lin into the Juilliard String Quartet last year, the four members of the quartet sat down with Nancy Shear (President of Nancy Shear Arts Services) in New York’s Steinway Hall to discuss the changes that a quartet undergoes during a transition of its members and to shed light on their artist process.  In preparation for their second appearance with PCMS this season on Wednesday, April 4th, the following clips offer some insightful perspectives on the continuity between their past and present, how they engage during rehearsals and the freedom they take during performances.

What is the Juilliard Quartet without any of the original founding members remaining in the group?

How does the quartet manage disagreements during rehearsals, and what is the decision-making process like?

How much spontaneity is there during a performance?

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