Fare to Pair: Frankford Hall and Musicians from Marlboro

Even though my last “Fare to Pair” post featured a German restaurant, I could not pass up the opportunity of another perfect match up — this time between the seven Musicians from Marlboro on tour and the little slice of Munich found in Fishtown.

Located on the street it takes its name from, Frankford Hall is another one of Stephen Starr’s creations.  But this time, instead of starting another center-city hotspot, he moved to one of the city’s peripheral regions, revitalizing a former brewery into a traditional German “biergarten”…with a modern edge, of course.  As Craig LaBan, the Restaurant Critic from the Inquirer, wrote in a recent review:

The brick-walled ruin of a long-ago former brewery has been rehabbed just enough to create a sense of blight on a high-concept bounce-back, with roll-up garage doors separating the boisterous and moody interior hall (long community tables, couples playing board games) from a 260-seat open-air garden where the fun really happens-good old-fashioned hanging out, fueled by steins of beer, schnapps shots, and a steady hail of errant ping-pong balls whizzing past the sausage concession window.

The food is just as inviting as the atmosphere — warm Bavarian Pretzels for a quick bite or a Spicy Bauernwurst with Sauerkraut and German Potato Salad sandwiched on either side.  And with extra time before the concert, an open ping-pong table could help work off some of what made these dishes so good in the first place.

Then, with a quick ride down the river (Delaware Ave and Columbus Blvd) and up Spruce Street to the Kimmel Center with just enough time to grab your tickets and find your seat for a program of German and Austrian composers.  With a Haydn Quartet and Brahms Clarinet Trio filling the first half, a string quintet by Beethoven will round out an evening of gutem Essen und Musik.

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