Spring Highlights

As we steam ever closer towards the end of the 2011-12 Season, it’s natural to begin looking ahead to 2012-13. After all, planning the new season while in the midst of the current one (and all the juggling that entails) is one of the pleasures of this business. Whether I am working on our single.

The Ringtone That Cannot Be Silenced

As hard as Miles Cohen tries to remind listeners to turn off their cell phones before a concert, the inevitable interruption is bound to occur from time to time. But pianist Marc-Andre Hamelin is capitalizing on the errant technology after being inspired to write a waltz based on a Nokia melody (listen to the full.

New Music Happenings Around Town

New music lovers take note — a pair of upcoming events at Penn and Temple will shine a light on some of the more interesting contemporary music happening around town. This Wednesday night, the University of Pennsylvania presents a concert entitled “Penn Musical Traditions:  Wail of the Voice!” featuring music by faculty composers past and present. Artists will.

The Elias Quartet: One of Europe’s...

The Elias Quartet has been on tour for the past three months, visiting the Netherlands, United Kingdom (their home base), Germany and Belgium before coming to the US this month.  Though they tour extensively in Europe, the quartet is only making five stops during their time here, so we made sure one of those was.

Collaborating with Play on Philly!

Our Julian and Lois Brodsky Education Program is a robust collection of events that serve all ages, and we are always looking for new ways to expand our outreach in the Philadelphia community. This year, through the generous support of the Brodskys and a recommendation from another of our board members, Carole Haas Gravagno, PCMS collaborated.

Musicians from Marlboro…All Things Equal

Chamber music is unique in bringing artists together for a collaborative effort where every participant is equal. Unlike playing in an orchestra where the ensemble serves the guest soloist, there is no hierarchy among chamber musicians. The “one-to-a-part” approach levels the playing field and requires that each member leave their resumés at the door. Take.

Arts Around Town: Musicians from Marlboro

If you don’t have a TV or are too busy attending concerts to have seen the “Arts Around Town” spot on NBC10, check out the preview below of the first concert on the Musicians from Marlboro tour this Friday, March 23rd at the Perelman Theater.  A stellar group of seven artists – ranging from the established (and.

Social Series presents Sly Fox Brewing...

Many of you have enjoyed our Social Series events this year, in which we’ve paired 11 intimate recitals with complimentary tastings at the American Philosophical Society. On Wednesday, March 21st, we’ll round out our 2011-12 Social Series calendar with a visit from our friends at Sly Fox Brewing Company. Before and during intermission of the.

Fare to Pair: Frankford Hall and...

Even though my last “Fare to Pair” post featured a German restaurant, I could not pass up the opportunity of another perfect match up — this time between the seven Musicians from Marlboro on tour and the little slice of Munich found in Fishtown. Located on the street it takes its name from, Frankford Hall.

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