Cristina Garcia Martin, visual artist

Cristina Garcia Martin is a Spanish Amsterdam-based animator and illustrator. She won a Dutch Design Award for the Rijksmuseum exhibition Accessorize! and a “Gouden Apenstaartje” for the app Peter and the Wolf commissioned by the Royal Concertgebouw orchestra.

MegaMyths, her game about the Greek Gods, was nominated for a 'Gouden Apenstaartje' for the best children's website and a Digital Heritage Award 2011. She has published four children's books, three of them with Micha Wertheim (“Duimelot” and “De Hik”) and made a TV series for public broadcast VPRO, “VingerTV”. Her movie Strange Creature has been selected for several international animation festivals. She has also worked on music and theater projects with the International Delft Chamber Music Festival (where her animations for Brahms' song cycle Die Schöne Magelone originated) and Bunker Theaterzakken.