Sérgio Assad, guitar

Sergio Assad

Sérgio Assad is a Brazilian guitarist, composer, and arranger who often performs with his brother, Odair Assad, in the guitar duo Sérgio and Odair Assad, commonly referred to as Assad Brothers. Born into a musical family in Mococa, São Paulo, Brazil, Sérgio Assad began creating music for the guitar not long after he began playing the instrument. He learned Brazilian folk melodies from his father. By age 14, he was arranging and writing original compositions for the guitar duo he had formed with his brother, Odair. At the age of 17, he and Odair began their studies under the best known classical guitar teacher in Brazil at the time, Monina Tavora, a former disciple of Andrés Segovia. Sérgio later went on to study conducting and composition at the Escola Nacional de Música in Rio de Janeiro, and worked privately with Brazilian composition teacher, Esther Scliar.

Over the last twenty years, Assad has concentrated most of his efforts on building a repertoire for the guitar duo. As a composer Assad has completed more than fifty works for guitar, many of which have become standards in the guitar repertoire.