Announcing PCMS’ 13/14 Social Series

By Erik Petersons on September 17, 2013
Social Series
Social Series

While many faithful patrons are lining up their subscriptions over the course of the summer, there is another "series" that is orchestrated during these months. Our annual Social Series doesn't find its identity in a common artistic or musical thread, but rather by pairing the music with a local business that shares our values and prides itself in the pursuit of a shared endeavor–in this case to create well-crafted, inspiring food and drink. These are small, community-minded businesses that serve the people they know best–their neighbors–and that, we hope, is what makes these tastings a wonderful pairing with our concerts.

We've been hard at work planning the series and are excited to reveal the first round of artisan vendors that will be joining us this season. Below is the first half of the 23-concert series (October-January) at the American Philosophical Society that have been confirmed.  I encourage to also visit our Social Series landing page for updates as new tastings are still being added.

Whether it's Bach and Sauvignon blanc, Poulenc and pickles, or Mozart and Manchego cheese, we hope the series helps expand your tastes as you try something new. Whichever concert(s) you attend, you can be assured you're in for a treat.