Artist Interview: Fiterstein-Peled-Goldstein Trio

By Erik Petersons on January 11, 2013

Bound by their Israeli roots, clarinetist Alexander Fiterstein, cellist Amit Peled and pianist Alon Goldstein have been long-time friends and colleagues–performing together since 2005.  They combine their individual gifts and originality with a wonderful sense of ensemble and love of chamber music.  As busy as each of their solo careers are, we were able to catch Alexander for a quick interview before their appearance on Friday, January 25th at 8 PM at the American Philosophical Society.

Erik Petersons: How did this program come together? Why did you choose these particular pieces?

Alexander Fiterstein: We usually like to play solo and duo pieces in addition to trios in our concerts. We feel it gives the program a nice variety and also creates endless possibilities of repertoire.

EP: Tell me about your relationships as a trio.  What is it like to work together, and what are some of the strengths each person brings to the table?

AF: The three of us are really good friends and enjoy spending time together. We try to really listen to each other's playing during rehearsals and we get inspired from the unique style and energy that each of us brings to the trio.

EP: You each enjoy busy solo careers.  With all the various demands you each have, how do you balance your time between these careers and with the trio?

AF: When we play as a trio we usually have a few concerts in a period of several days so it's usually pretty intense and concentrated. The three of us play many concerts individually throughout the year and it's really nice to get together and talk about our different experiences and at the same time have a lot of things in common (all three of us grew up in Israel). When we're on stage it's always very exhilarating, I would say we definitely enjoy playing together, and playing for people.

The Fiterstein-Peled-Goldstein trio appears on Friday, January 25th 8 PM at the American Philosophical Society.  For tickets and information, visit the concert page or call the PCMS Box Office at 215.569.8080.