Education: The Unseen Work of Artists

By Erik Petersons on January 21, 2013

You take a look at your calendar, and as noted, you are scheduled to see a quartet in concert that night, performing works by Mozart, Britten and Mendelssohn. You get ready, have dinner downtown, then walk to the concert hall, find your seat and enjoy another PCMS concert.

This could have very well been the Parker Quartet which performed on our series last Friday. But what you don't know by looking at your ticket stub is that hours before their concert, they were on the other side of the city, working with students at West Catholic High School. Many of our artists take time to hold master classes with students around Philadelphia during their time here.  While these events don't appear on our brochures, they are an integral part of our mission to bring students in contact with master artists from around the world.

As an ongoing component of our partnership with Play on Philly!, we connected the Parker Quartet with students at West Catholic High School for a master class.  The quartet proved their commitment and energy for inspiring students in an engaging exchange between the quartet and their ensembles.  To close their time at the school, the Parker performed the first movement of the C Major Britten Quartet that they were scheduled to perform that evening on our series.

The Imani Winds also made an appearance to work with Play on Philly! students the day after their concert with PCMS in November.  Here they are performing at the end of their master class at St. Francis de Sales school.