PCMS Introduces its Concert Card

By Philip Maneval on October 31, 2008

The PCMS Concert Card: New, Convenient and Versatile

At a meeting last year, one of our PCMS directors said, "I would love to be able to buy PCMS tickets for some students I know, but to allow them to attend whatever concerts they want, whatever fits into their schedules."

That seemed like a good idea to all of us, but there was just no easy way to provide this. Well, now there is! This season, we launched the new "PCMS Concert Card," with 3-concert and 5-concert options. This simple plastic card (pictured on our home page) provides many options–the kind of flexibility that students, young adults and busy professionals need.

Each card is individually numbered. When you buy a card for a relative or friend, they simply call our box office, give us the card number, and tell us which concerts they want to attend. They can enjoy any of this season’s performances (which are not yet sold-out).

A 3-concert card allows them to receive three tickets for one performance, OR one ticket to any three concerts. If they would like to buy additional tickets, our box office staff will make sure the seats are together.

We hope you’ll try this out. It makes for a wonderful gift, a great introduction to PCMS, or–as our director suggested–a wonderful way to bring exciting music into the lives of young people (and a nice break from their studies!).

Our regular 3-concert card costs just $75, and a 5-concert card costs $125. To purchase a card, use the order form here on our website or call us at 215-569-8080. If you wish to buy these for students, the prices are just $24 (3-concert card) and $40 (5-concert card) — please call us for this option.

As always, many thanks for your interest and support!