Protecting PCMS: The 25th Anniversary Campaign

By Philip Maneval on February 9, 2012

When a nonprofit organization reaches a certain age–say, around its 25th year–friends who have supported and enjoyed it for many years often begin thinking about its future. They may wonder what they can do to protect the organization and their investment in it. How can they help to ensure that it continues to serve its mission and enrich others long into the future? Well, one important answer is by remembering that organization in your will.

As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we encourage you to give some thought to this. No one should consider a bequest, of course, without careful deliberation and discussion with loved ones.

We do hope, though, that you will consider the following: Since 1986, PCMS has presented well over 1,000 concerts, and at low prices that have made it possible for everyone to attend. We have commissioned 45 new pieces by devoted composers. We have arranged hundreds of master classes in which Philadelphia students have had unique and exciting opportunities to meet and be inspired by world-renowned musicians. We have provided well over 10,000 free concert tickets to students, building new audiences. We have sought to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere at our concerts, and to have box office staff members who really care about the music and our audiences.

We have done all of this while balancing our budget every year. We have also built reserve funds of some $2.4 million and we are confident that, through our 25th Anniversary Campaign, we will augment these funds by $2 million more. We enjoy a devoted board and staff and, despite the recession, we have increased attendance and ticket sales in each of the last few years.

The process for including a nonprofit such as PCMS in your will is usually rather straightforward. While we recommend that you consult with your attorney and financial adviser, the language could be as follows:

I [NAME] hereby give, devise and bequeath [the sum of $_________] [_________% of my residuary estate] to the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society (PCMS), a 501 c3 nonprofit organization located at 1616 Walnut Street, Suite 1600, Philadelphia, PA 19103, to be used by it in support of its Endowment Fund, a permanent real endowment fund (or its successor fund, if any), earned income from which is permanently restricted to the Endowment Fund. Distributions from the Endowment Fund shall be made based on PCMS’ adopted spending plan for the Endowment Fund as is then in effect (and as may be modified from time-to-time), and such distributions are to be made in support of PCMS’ general charitable purposes.

Bequests can also be designated toward a specific purpose at PCMS (such as for the presentation of vocal music, or for our education program). For more information about this, please contact Jacob Smith, our development director, at 215-569-8587, or at Bequests will be listed in our program book, and they are greatly appreciated by all of us. They allow you to help share what you have loved with others for years and decades to come.