Time for Three Visits Play on Philly!

By Erik Petersons on March 18, 2013

Only in its second year, Play on Philly! is expanding rapidly with programs at three schools - St. Francis de Sales School, West Catholic High School, and Freire Middle School.  PCMS had added all three locations to the expansion of our Julian and Lois Brodsky Education Program and on Thursday, last week, Time for Three spent the morning at Freire Middle School performing and engaging with hundreds of students.  As Stanford Thompson, Play on Philly!'s CEO said afterwards:

I can't thank you three enough for coming to Freire to play for the kids and PCMS' support in making it happen. All of the kids were buzzing about your visit Thursday and Friday and it is the boost that our kids needed to put their hard work into perspective. I am not sure if you'll ever know the long-term impact you have made on these kid's lives, but interactions like yours is often the inspiration our kids need to devote themselves to something other than trouble or get drowned out with all of the stress they face in their lives. You turned on a lot of light bulbs Thursday - including our teachers and staff. Please keep on visiting these schools and keep up the great work.

Here is a clip from this event.