Why they’re playing what they’re playing: new Education Dept blog

By pcurchack on January 3, 2011

New Education Blog Series:  Why this repertoire?  Why now?

Have you ever wondered how performers select what they are going to perform at a PCMS concert?  Why do they choose one particular work of a composer and not another?  What, in the performer's mind, gives the concert coherence?

We’ve initiated a new blog series to provide you with unique insight into how an artist decides what to perform.   Alongside the traditional program notes and artist interviews posted on our Web site, our idea here is to offer a novel vantage point from which you can understand the artist's intentions behind a particular concert.

Specific artists will be asked to respond to the following questions:

1 — Why did you pick the particular repertoire you are planning to perform?  What motivated you to combine these particular works?

2 — Is there something specific about this moment in history, or your professional life, that influenced the particular selections?

We hope you’ll find this series as interesting and insightful as we do.  We’ll be posting our first response, from Cecile Licad, in an upcoming blog.

Let us know what you think of this new endeavor.