Winter 2016 Concert Reviews

By Brian Potter on March 20, 2016

In case you missed them, here’s a summary of PCMS concert reviews from winter 2016. Read what our area critics had to say about your favorite chamber music performances below, and check back with us as the year continues for more reviews from our 30th Anniversary Season.

Back from the break: Robert Zaller of the Broad Street Review on the Orion Quartet w/ Richard Woodhams (January 10 at the Perelman Theater)

Synergy of Orion Quartet, guest oboist: David Patrick Stearns of the Philadelphia Inquirer on the Orion Quartet w/ Richard Woodhams

Unanimity and Grace from Richard Woodhams and the Orion: Bernard Jacobson of Seen and Heard International on the Orion Quartet w/ Richard Woodhams

Pondering a Gifted Violinist and Stylistic Perceptivity: Bernard Jacobson on Hye-Jin Kim and Ieva Jokubaviciute (January 13 at the American Philosophical Society)

More new-music innovation from eighth blackbird: David Patrick Stearns on eighth blackbird (January 15 at the Perelman Theater)

Clarinet plus three or four: Robert Zaller on Musicians from Marlboro II (January 21 at the Perelman Theater)

Alexandre Moutzoukine reveals new worlds in Rachmaninoff, Schumann: Peter Dobrin of the Philadelphia Inquirer on Alexandre Moutouzkine (January 27 at the American Philosophical Society)

Inspired by Horszowski, a Trio Proves Worthy of the Name: Bernard Jacobson on the Horszowski Trio (January 29 at the American Philosophical Society)

After 40 years, still on top of their game: Robert Zaller on the Emerson Quartet w/ Roberto Díaz (February 5 at the Perelman Theater)

From the Emerson Quartet, Refreshed Artistic Powers: Bernard Jacobson on the Emerson Quartet

Dénes Várjon Shows Discernment, Flair and the Importance of Silence: Bernard Jacobson on Dénes Várjon (February 9 at the Perelman Theater)

Saving the best for last: Robert Zaller on the Modigliani Quartet (February 12 at the Perelman Theater)

Superb Artistry, Impeccable Technique, and Three Encores: Bernard Jacobson on the Modigliani Quartet

Young and promising: Tom Purdom of the Broad Street Review on Elizabeth Fayette and Adam Golka (February 14 at the Philosophical Society)

Sublime with Schubert, and then came Schumann: David Patrick Stearns on Mitsuko Uchida (February 18 at the Perelman Theater)

Mannerism Trumps Lyricism in a Disappointing Piano Recital: Bernard Jacobson on Mitsuko Uchida

70 and far from finished: Peter Dobrin on the Juilliard Quartet w/ Samuel Rhodes and Marcy Rosen (February 28 at the American Philosophical Society)

Pamela Frank returns - with wisdom, art and humanity: Peter Dobrin on Pamela Frank and Emanuel Ax (March 8 at the Perelman Theater)

Ax and Frank Show Mozart's Beauty and Brilliance: Bernard Jacobson on Pamela Frank and Emanuel Ax

Dvořák’s Greatest Chamber Work? Three Young Musicians Make the Case: Bernard Jacobson on Karen Gomyo, Christian Poltéra and Juho Pohjonen (March 9 at the Perelman Theater)

Perfection, twice: Robert Zaller on the Miró Quartet w/ Ricardo Morales (March 16 at the Perelman Theater)

Distinguished Work from the Miró Quartet and Ricardo Morales Still Raises an Interpretative Doubt: Bernard Jacobson on the Miró Quartet w/ Ricardo Morales

A deliciously subversive tour of tonalities: Peter Dobrin on Paul Lewis (March 17 at the Perelman Theater)