Celebrating Gideon Paz

Gideon Paz

Gideon Paz personifies a rare combination of an exceptional ability to identify musical talent in a young person with the ability to secure support for these young people for the duration of time necessary so we can enjoy their art in the concert hall.

During his tenure at the helm of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, the organization became the most visionary meaningful institution in the lives of Israel’s young musicians. Under his leadership these young people received not only financial support, but use of instruments and guidance. His dedication to Israel's musical future led to him establishing and building the Aviv competition, and as Managing Director and Artistic Advisor of the Jerusalem Symphony he made sure to introduce its audiences to exceptional young composers and performers. His contribution to the musical life of Jerusalem cannot be overstated. Curiosity, quality, and care for the future are in the essence of Gideon’s being and we are fortunate to benefit from his tireless work.