Alexander Tchaikovsky

Alexander Tchaikovsky, one of the most famous and prolific composers of our time, made a name for himself in the 1970s. Coming from a brilliant school of such luminaries of national musical art as Tikhon Khrennikov, Heinrich Neuhaus and Lev Naumov, Alexander Tchaikovsky gained recognition both in Russia and abroad. He has won numerous Russian and international awards, and his music has been performed in major concert halls in Russia, Europe, America and Japan.
Not limiting himself to just academic style, Alexander Tchaikovsky works virtually in all major music genres. He has authored nine operas (in 2011-2012 only his Legend of the Ancient Town of Yelets, Tamerlane and the Virgin Mary and Violist Davydov were successfully premiered), three ballets, three oratorios (June 2013, saw the premiere of his oratorio Czar’s case), Russian Requiem, five symphonies, a tone poem Northern Palmyra Nocturnes, a concerto for orchestra CSKA - Spartak, a series of instrumental concertos (for piano, viola, cello, bassoon, four saxophones and other instruments with a symphony orchestra), choral, vocal and chamber instrumental works. Alexander Tchaikovsky also works a lot in the genres of musical theatre and operetta also writing music for cartoons, films and TV.
According to a critic, Alexander Tchaikovsky's works are “contemporary music in the best sense of the word. It is characterized by broad melody, passion, intelligence and sociability; it encourages the audience to empathize, to respond naturally.” The composer is fluent in modern vocabulary; he is open-minded towards different artistic styles and movements. Many of his works have become landmark events in Russian art.