Seppo Nummi

Seppo Nummi is remembered particularly in Jyväskylä Arts Festival as a catalyst and as Executive Director, Helsinki Festival's director, and a music library's idea of an advocate. Nummi was George Kilpisenkatu's private student, and he has composed songs which include his brother Lassi Nummi as well as Chinese poets. His oeuvre includes about 230 lied and chamber music.

Nummi studied music at the Sibelius Academy where his teachers included Treasure Merikanto , Arvo Laitinen and Ernst Linko. Nummi worked as a librarian at the Sibelius Academy (1956-1961) and the new Finnish music journalist (1956-1959). He wrote many other magazines, such as Kauppalehti (1959-1970). He performed at the University of Helsinki Bachelor of Arts degree in 1960.

Nummi worked at the Helsinki Festival Executive Director of the years 1969-1977. Upon suffering a second heart attack in 1977, he was sick and moved to Rome. He was planning an opera about The Little Prince , and he was expected to write George Kilpisenkatu a biography, but a third heart attack in 1981 cut short his career.