Stuart Balcomb

Composer Stuart Balcomb works for film and TV in Los Angeles. Before moving to LA he studied vibes with Gary Burton and taught composition and arranging at Berklee College of Music in Boston from 1974-78; he has written arrangements for Woody Herman, Cher, Donald O’Connor, Andy Williams, Magician David Avadon, Gary Burton and the Buffalo Philharmonic, and composed for Batman: The Animated Series (Fox network) and The Black Door, which won Outstanding Achievement at the Elevate Film Festival. In 1983 he wrote "American Trilogy" for woodwind quintet, a very popular part of quintet repertoires across the country, which was performed and recorded by the New York  Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet in Spring 2010.

He also scored The Ore, a pilot for the Sci-Fi channel; five films for the Elevate Film Festival; three hours of music for Peter Sterios’ yoga DVD Gravity and Grace (featured in the film The Moses Code); and Deeper, director Mikki Willis' submission for Steven Spielberg's FOX series ON THE LOT, co-produced by Mark Burnett. His soundtrack for the documentary 1000 Journals is currently screening at many festivals around the world. Recent projects includeThe Moses Code, Brian O'Brian (Disney), and Mythic Journeys.