Panel Discussion I

Monday, January 13, 2020 - 7:30 pm
College of Physicians
College of Physicians

College of Physicians

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About This Event

Major support for Emerging Voices has been provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage — with additional support from Grant Greapentrog, Constance & Michael Cone, and Vincent Tseng & Geoffrey Mainland.

The 20th century bore witness to dramatic transformations in the world order and major shifts in national and cultural boundaries. Artists frequently emerged as ambassadors for the people they represented, and composers, in particular, harnessed art song as a means of defining and expressing the unique character of a nation. To set the stage for this project, Jay Winter and Ceri Owen join Nicholas Phan to explore how art song was historically used to understand national identity, especially during times of great social, political, and cultural change.

This event is part of our Emerging Voices Project that explores national identity and social connection through art song. Information on the second panel discussion can be found here.


Ceri Owen – Lecturer and director of performance at the University of Birmingham
Jay Winter – Historian and professor emeritus at Yale University
Nicholas Phan – Tenor, curator of the Emerging Voices project
Cori Ellison – Moderator, dramaturg at The Santa Fe Opera

This panel discussion is presented with the sponsorship of the College of Physicians and in collaboration with the World Affairs Council.