Marietta Simpson, mezzo-soprano
Cliff Jackson, piano

Wednesday, February 18, 1998 - 8:00 PM
Rock Hall, Temple University

Rock Hall, Temple University

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About This Performance

Bethune: Wilt Thou Bring My Baby Home? [Arr.]
Burleigh: Lovely Dark and Lonely One
Burleigh: He Met Her in the Meadow
Coleridge-Taylor: Life and Death, from Sorrow Songs
Price: Bewilderment Florence
Price: An April Day
Adams: For Your There Is No Song
Adams: Sence You Went Away
Adams: Creole Girl
Bonds: Minstrel Man
Bonds: To a Brown Girl, Dead
Bonds: The Negro Speaks of Rivers
Jackson-King: It’s Me, Oh Lord
Bonds: Hold On
Simpson-Curenton: Balm in Gilead 
Simpson-Curenton: Git on Board