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Podcast #1: Late Style Overview

This first of a six-part podcast series, produced by WWFM's David Osenberg, explores the subject of "late style" with pianist Jonathan Biss, violinist Mark Steinberg, tenor Mark Padmore, writer and thought-leader Lewis H. Lapham, and behavioral scientist Daniel Gottlieb.

“One of the lessons of late style is [making one’s work] as straight forward and simple as possible. You reach a point where you don’t have to fit the text or idea to some critical fashion. It’s too late for that. . . . When you get older, you can afford to say whatever it is that you think without worrying about whether it will harm your career. You are free to pursue your own passion, and, at the same time, it tends to become simpler and more direct because you now can get straight to the point without having to supply all the bowing and scraping infrastructure in order to court or to adjust or to recognize whatever the presiding opinion is.”  — Lewis H. Lapham

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