It takes a lot of people to make a website and keep it running smoothly. A big thanks to the following people and vendors for their help.

  • Website design and SEO services provided by Dinkum Interactive, with a special thanks to lead designer Felix Widjaja and SEO guru Paul Fleming.
  • Software and integration provided by the friendly folks at Whiteboard Media who make the custom WordPress plugins upon which this site is built.
  • The talented and patient Meg Fentzloff, for her branding expertise and for working with us on our brochures and other materials.
  • Photographers Langdon Photography and Pete Checchia for doing what they do best: making us and our artists look good.
  • Most artist images are provided by the artists and their management for publicity and marketing.  They are the sole responsibility of those parties - please do not reproduce without their permission.

This website is made better, safer, and more fun with the following:

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