New Young Friends and Students Programs Equal Signup + Win + Save

By jacob on August 29, 2009

PCMS is always looking for new and effective ways to engage under-served audiences and help build interest and future fans of outstanding live chamber music. Our low ticket prices have always helped to break down one of the main barriers to participation.  Our helpful and welcoming staff, convenient community venues, and outstanding artists all help make attending a PCMS concert as easy, enjoyable and enriching as possible.

Like most purveyors of "serious" culture, we often pine after the young people who support Philly's beer bars (Local 44, Sidecar, and SPTR we're talking about you!), online sites like Facebook and Twitter, and the dozens of cafes in each neighborhood but who find themselves in a concert hall only once in a blue moon - if ever.

Well, in the next few weeks we're launching a few programs aimed at engaging Philadelphia's unparalleled group of young urbanites and university students.  We have two things coming:

  • PCMS Young Friends - this is not your traditional "young friends" program, but we honestly couldn't think of a better name, so it stuck.  If you're under 35, you're in luck at PCMS:  not only do you get the chance to win a Flip Camera every month throughout the 09/10 Season, you also get access to last-minute FREE tickets when available, and your own special pickup table at all PCMS concerts.  Not bad, right?
  • As usual, if you're a student under 35, things get even better: show us your student I.D. and we'll happily hand you an unlimited pass to all PCMS concerts (65 of them this season) for only $30.  Just reserve your real ticket in advance via email, Twitter, Facebook or even telephone (you can have front row seats if they're open, we won't push you to the back of the hall!).  That beats $10 tickets any day, so tell your friends!

We're looking forward to a busy September and an incredible 09/10 Season.  Help us out by sharing word of these new programs with your friends, family, and colleagues!  Contact me with any questions about our programs, or about how you can help support PCMS' mission of affordable, accessible, and world-class music in Philadelphia.