Spring 2016 Concert Reviews

By Brian Potter on May 26, 2016
MItsuko Uchida

To help you revisit your favorite spring performances, following is a listing of PCMS concert reviews from late March through May. Read what our area critics had to say about no less than 13 memorable events.

A deft pairing of voice and guitar: David Patrick Stearns of the Philadelphia Inquirer on Isabel Leonard and Sharon Isbin (March 29 at the Perelman Theater)

A Memorable Cherubino Meets a Memorable Guitarist: Bernard Jacobson on Isabel Leonard and Sharon Isbin

A Superb Quartet Raises Questions of Proportion: Bernard Jacobson of Seen and Heard International on the Johannes Quartet (March 31 at the American Philosophical Society)

Making sparks fly: Robert Zaller of the Broad Street Review on the Johannes Quartet

A Goode Bach: Michael Caruso of Chestnut Hill Local on Richard Goode (April 1 at the Perelman Theater)

Francesca dePasquale keeps up the family musical tradition at Art Museum: David Patrick Stearns previews Francesca dePasquale and Meng-Chieh Liu (April 3 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Musical family scion fashions her own style: Peter Dobrin of the Philadelphia Inquirer reviews Francesca dePasquale and Meng-Chieh Liu

Intellect Outbalances Beauty in Doric String Quartet's Schubert: Bernard Jacobson on the Doric Quartet (April 5)

Potent Mozart looked effortless: Peter Dobrin of the Philadelphia Inquirer on Benjamin Beilman and Andrew Tyson (April 8 at the Perelman Theater)

Brilliance and Stylistic Insight from a Youthful Piano and Violin Duo: Bernard Jacobson on Benjamin Beilman and Andrew Tyson

Ohlsson and the Takács in a Transcendent Elgar Piano Quintet: Bernard Jacobson on the Takács Quartet w/ Garrick Ohlsson (April 13 at the Perelman Theater)

Grand, special, risky: David Patrick Stearns on the Takács Quartet w/ Garrick Ohlsson

Classic music page-turners turn the page into the modern era: Peter Dobrin's Philadelphia Inquirer article prominently features PCMS.

Imani Winds stretches the sonic boundaries of the woodwind quintet: Peter Dobrin on the Imani Winds (April 24 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art)

An evening with Musicians from Marlboro: Bernard Jacobson on Musicians from Marlboro III (May 5 at the Perelman Theater)

Fascinating, even when in over her head: David Patrick Stearns on Imogen Cooper (May 10 at the Perelman Theater)

Illuminating Psychological Perceptions from Imogen Cooper: Bernard Jacobson on Imogen Cooper

For Something Old and Something New, a Happy Hunting Ground: Bernard Jacobson on ECCO (May 13 at the Perelman Theater)

Young Singers Offer Lovesong Waltzes and Other Treats: Bernard Jacobson on Singers from the Met Opera Lindemann & Juillard Opera Programs (May 17 at the Perelman Theater)

Shostakovich's Piano Quintet Crowns a Challenging Season of Consummate Quality: Bernard Jacobson on the Aizuri Quartet w/ Ignat Solzhenitsyn (May 21 at the Philosophical Society)