Student Composers Take Center Stage at Temple

By Brian Potter on October 6, 2011

Perhaps the one downside of working nearly all of our 63 concerts is that it becomes a challenge to attend anything else. Hardly a week goes by that I am not hearing about a fantastic event being presented by one or another of the fine music organizations in our city, but with life happening in between office hours and concert hours, it often takes a special effort to make it out.

I'm planning to make such an effort next Tuesday in support of Contemplum -- Temple's student-run new music organization -- when the group presents Sound Prints, a concert of new works by 11 student composers. The concert takes place at 7:30 pm at Rock Hall and features works and performances by PCMS regulars (and unlimited card holders) Dan Carunchio (piano) and Daniel Fox (composer).

Take a look at the attached flyer for more information, or contact Contemplum directly at