The Tallis Scholars

Thursday, December 10, 2020 - 7:30 PM
Church of the Holy Trinity

Church of the Holy Trinity

1904 Walnut Street Learn More

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About This Performance

The Virgin Mary has inspired composers since the earliest days of sacred music. Returning to PCMS by popular demand, the Tallis Scholars—“one of the world’s premier vocal ensembles” (Washington Post)—presents a selection of such inspirations from the Catholic and Orthodox traditions, ranging from Josquin to Stravinsky.

Hymns to the Virgin
Lassus: Alma redemptoris mater
Josquin: Missa Ave maris stella
Guerrero: Maria Magdalene
Guerrero: Ave virgo sanctissima
Martin: Sanctissima
Stravinsky: Bogoroditse devo (Ave Maria)
Pärt: Virgencita
Isaac: Virgo prudentissima

This concert is supported by Robert E. Mortensen

The Artist(s)

The Tallis Scholars
Over four decades of performance and a catalogue of award-winning recordings for Gimell, Peter Phillips and The Tallis Scholars have done more than any other group to establish sacred vocal music of the Renaissance as one of the great repertoires of Western classical music. They have sought to bring Renaissance works to a wider audience in churches,… Read More


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