Dover Quartet masterclass

Through our Music Education Program, with support from the Lois and Julian Brodsky Music Education Fund, Andrea Baldeck, and the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation, PCMS offers free in-school masterclasses to music students from the Curtis Institute, Temple University, Settlement Music School, Temple Music Prep, Play on Philly, and public and charter schools around the city, providing technical, expressive, and historical insight into the music they perform.

The events listed below are open to the public. Changes to any classes that allow audiences will be posted here - check back for updates. We look forward to seeing you this season.

To attend masterclasses at the Curtis Institute of Music, RSVP is required in advance. Please email Chelsea Steinberg, PCMS Education Director, at

Masterclass Schedule

Marina Piccinini leads a flute masterclass

What Students Say

"The opportunity to perform for these visiting artists and open a direct channel of communication to receive musical feedback and constructive advice has been invaluable. Their clear perspective on ensemble skills and deep exploration into the depths of the chamber music were most impactful to me and my colleagues."

Simon Housner, grade 11
Imani Winds at St. Francis de Sales School

What Parents Say

We really appreciate you investing so much into Sophia’s musical endeavors. Arranging this masterclass wasn’t easy or cheap, I’m sure. Students don’t just get masterclasses every day, and especially, not for free. I recognize the lessons, exposure, opportunities, support, and encouragement you are offering my daughters are invaluable. So, I want you to know that I’m truly appreciative of all that you and POP do for them.

Play on Philly parent
Mitsuko Uchida leads a piano/voice masterclass

What Teachers Say

Students at Temple Music Prep are very fortunate to be in a city like Philadelphia. PCMS propels these young musicians forward by connecting them to the outstanding chamber music ensembles presented in its concert series. By creating these interactions through workshops and masterclasses, PCMS allows our youth to learn directly from and emulate the masters they aspire to become. PCMS goes one step further in providing tickets so the students may then hear the artists in concert. The value is immeasurable.

Mark Huxsoll, Temple Music Preparatory Division