Composer Kyle Bartlett writes about her upcoming PCMS premiere

By jacob on May 15, 2010

KYLE BARTLETT is a composer, performer, and teaching artist living in Philadelphia. She is also a founding member of the NY-based new music collective counter)induction. On Sunday, May 16, we will present counter)induction performing the world premiere of  Kyle’s sextet “Present” (alongside works by Xenakis, Dusapin, Crumb, and c)i member Douglas Boyce).

In a recent PMP magazine feature, Kyle described her work:

Sometimes the starting point of a piece is a particular sound-texture or a melody; sometimes it’s a story. Sometimes it’s a poem or a picture.  Sometimes it is a case of finding the right metaphor for something (a feeling? an idea?) that escapes direct analysis. This time I just felt a sense of movement, free movement, movement impeded by obstacles, movement that travels long distances, and movement that stands in place…

Read Kyle's full "Sound Diary" on the Philadelphia Music Project's blog.