By Erik Petersons on July 31, 2015

An artist once said that master classes create a space for students to “come to understand their place within a growing community, value differences as well as similarities, feel connected to others, accept and love their own musical traditions, and [become] empowered to change those things that should be changed and embrace new perspectives.”  For many students, master classes–the more sophisticated form of a regular lesson–are the first entry into a world of diverse ideas, offering insights into other interpretations, specifics on technique and historical and cultural context.

While this experience is formative for budding musicians, it also gives audiences window into the mind and personality of a performer that they would not necessarily pick up on in a concert setting.  Audiences have the privilege to listen in on the conversations between master and apprentice–how one approaches a composition, how to work through difficult passages and how an artist settles on a particular interpretation shed light on their public performances.

Attending master classes, combined with our pre-concert lectures, teaches you how to listen and interact with what you hear.  I would encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities this coming season.

Here’s the complete PCMS master class schedule for 2015-16:

  • Jason Vieaux, guitar: Monday, October 19, 3pm, Rock Hall, Temple University
  • Montrose Trio: Monday, October 26, 4pm, Rock Hall, Temple University
  • Kim Kashkashian, viola: Saturday, November 7, 4pm, Curtis Institute
  • Marina Piccinini, flute: Saturday, November 7, 4pm, Curtis Institute
  • Hopkinson Smith, lute: Thursday, December 3, 3pm, Curtis Institute
  • Dover Quartet: Monday, December 7, 3pm, Rock Hall, Temple University
  • Parker Quartet: Saturday, December 12, 4pm, Temple Music Prep
  • Orion Quartet: Monday, January 11, 3pm, Settlement Music School
  • Marcantonio Barone, piano: Wednesday, January 20, 3pm, Settlement Music School
  • Horszowski Trio: Friday, January 29, 2:30pm, Temple Music Prep
  • Denés Várjon, piano: Monday, February 8, 4pm, Curtis Institute
  • Peter Stumpf, cello: Wednesday, February 16, 4pm, Rock Hall, Temple University
  • Joshua Smith, flute: Monday, February 22, 10am, Curtis Institute
  • Frank Rosenwein, oboe: Monday, February 22, 10am, Rock Hall, Temple University
  • Karen Gomyo, violin and Christian Poltéra, cello: Tuesday, March 8, 3pm, Settlement Music School
  • Miró Quartet: Wednesday, March 16, 2pm, Settlement Music School
  • Richard Goode, piano: Thursday, March 31, 4pm, Curtis Institute